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We are committed to doing our share to protect the environment and saving global recourses, helping reduce the impact of global warming. Please help us to conserve water.

  • we have an electric car.
  • We use led energy saving light bulbs.
  • We donate our used printer cartridges to a Guide Unit to help raise funds for their activities.
  • We use wood pellets for heating and hot water.
  • We are a member of the R.S.P.B and aim to attract birds and wildlife to our garden.
  • We support local suppliers for drinks to enhance your experience of the area, e.g. whiskies, beer and bottled water.
  • Many of our disposable products are made from recycled paper or plastics.
  • Dog-walking areas with bins are located 100 yds. away on the shore.
  • we have now replaced our old oil boiler with two wood pellet boilers so we look forward to saving some money on fuel and it is nice to see real flames.